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This post contains SPOILERS!


Everyone with any form of social media account has discovered that for some unknown reason MTV’s Teen Wolf has an EXTREMELY active fan following. In this past summer’s Season 3a (3b will be coming in January), the main ‘bad guys’ are a group called the Alpha Pack and a ‘dark druid’ called the Darach. In the Alpha Pack, there is a set of identical twin Alphas (who combine into a really freaky looking mega!wolf sometimes) named Aiden and Ethan.

In all my years as a fan of television shows that have dedicated fan presences online I have never come across a more vastly divided set of fan opinions than those around the twin Alphas. From sympathizers to haters there are so many opinions on Ethan and Aiden. However, recently I came across an anonymous tumblr ‘ask’ a friend replied to (that I won’t link in respect for her privacy) in which the anonymous person expressed their opinion that “The Murder Twins are pure evil and they should have killed them, not let them stick around.

I’ve been meaning to make a post like this for a while now, and this incident has given me a perfect opportunity to force myself to do so. As we know, here at Modern Minutia we have a soft spot for sympathetic villains. As such I feel like it’s about time someone argues the much less popular opinion that they deserve so much more sympathy than this person seems to think.

To start with, let’s look at their biggest ‘crimes’:

  • We meet them as they are trying to get Isaac and his mystery rescuer. (They later help fight her and their leader, Deucalion, kills her.)
  • They later attack Isaac and Scott and then frame Isaac for attacking them.
  • We find out that Ethan and Aiden got close to Danny and Lydia because their leader thinks they will need to kill one of them.
  • They attack most of the pack at some point.
  • Worst of all of these, the twins help kill Boyd.

(The one thing that fans seem to find the MOST unforgivable is their part in Boyd’s death. The most often used line is ‘Are we forgetting they KILLED BOYD?!’ really.)

Yes. They are part of a pack that does unspeakable things and commits horrible acts. There is no denying what the Alpha twins have to be held responsible for. I do agree with the less dramatic and angry fans who simply say that they would like to see them show remorse for what they have done (Though with this show’s seeming phobia to character development, I’m not holding my breath). However, to the fans who feel that they don’t deserve to be forgiven, and ESPECIALLY those who feel they deserve to die, allow me (with the help of a friend who helped me organize these arguments that has no real online presence so will remain anonymous) to outline all of the reasons they deserve sympathy.

Point #1: THEY ARE KIDS!

Apparently this escapes some people’s notice, but these are CHILDREN. Yes, there is the hint that they may not actually be the age they are pretending to be to fit in at the school, but they are clearly somewhere in the range of sixteen to twenty and even if they are legal adults, they’re still KIDS. Even if they are full out evil why would you want to see CHILDREN die?! Who is heartless enough they wish to see children die for their ‘sins’ instead of be given a chance to atone for them?

Point #2: They are ABUSED kids!

Ethan reveals to Scott and Stiles in “The Girl Who Knew Too Much” that they were from a pack of ‘monsters’ who were the type of werewolves that gave the reputation of mindless killing machines to all werewolves. They were the Omegas of that pack, meaning that they were beaten and abused by their brutal pack. They were only able to rise up and kill their abusers when Deucalion came to them and helped out. From this we can infer that, most likely, the twins either are orphans or their parents were part of the group abusing then. They have probably been abused and mistreated from a very young age. They faced so much daily and inescapable torment until Deucalion came and saved them.

Point #3: Deucalion gave them power.

When Derek became Alpha the surge of power made him seek out and turn three teenagers who he knew wouldn’t say no just because he could. Those three teens were all overcome with their new found power as betas. They all displayed their new found power in extreme ways to prove that they were no longer invisible like they were before becoming werewolves. Yes, these four people all had pretty poor lives and were given power. However, Ethan and Aiden went from suffering even worse abuse than Isaac and less attention than Boyd or Erica to suddenly being powerful Alphas in an extremely powerful pack where they were no longer the victims. It is a proven psychological fact that “Even the smallest dose of power can change a person.” Now we look at the sudden transference from ‘powerless’ to ‘powerful’ and who gave this to them? Deucalion. Who gives them their orders? Deucalion. Why does this matter?

Point #4: Loyalty

Obviously, anyone who is saved by another person expresses gratitude towards that person. Anyone who is given power by someone else also has gratitude for that as well. Hand in hand with gratitude comes loyalty. If they challenge his orders, they are challenging the loyalty they feel to the person who saved them. Think of someone who did something for you that changed your life for the better. Now imagine that being the ONLY person who has EVER shown did anything that changed your life for the better EVER. The pull to pay them back would be tremendous. This is the type of pull that Ethan and Aiden face. They owe everything to Deucalion. They owe their power to Deucalion. They owe their very lives to Deucalion. That brings us to…

Point #5: Fear

While Deucalion saved them, and they are loyal to him, they also fear him. He may not abuse them the way their old pack did, but he does discipline them. We saw him strike them across the faces and cut their cheeks, so there is at least a measure of discipline. Beyond that, however, is the knowledge of how strong he is and what he could do to them if he chose to. They have been under his command long enough to see him kill people. If not Deucalion, the others in the pack are loyal to him and wouldn’t hesitate to do his bidding. While many fans would argue here that ‘I would chose death over committing murder’, there is another thing to remember.

Point #5 continued: Fear for each other

They are the Alpha twins. It is possible that if there was only one of them, they might would chose death over being forced to kill. Many people would die for other people. Many of us would sacrifice ourselves for perfect strangers, even. It’s different, though, when it’s someone you care about that is threatened. Ethan and Aiden know that if they question Deucalion, he can hurt the other twin. It’s likely they have suffered watching their brother hurt before in their days of being abused children. Anybody with a close sibling knows that you would do anything to save them. How many times have we said, “I would kill for my family”? Only identical twins can really understand the bond between them. Aiden and Ethan are all each other has. They are part of each other. They are (literally) two halves of a whole. They are both well aware that, “If I anger Deucalion he won’t hurt me, he’ll hurt my brother and it will be my fault.” So they know they are on their own with only each other to trust.

Point #6: They have NO REASON to trust the Beacon Hills pack.

While the viewers know that Scott and his friends would likely help Ethan and Aiden defect, they have no reason to trust them. They have no reason to trust anyone. They have only ever known being either used or abused. They have likely never known kindness in their whole lives. They grew up knowing that they can only trust each other and, when Deucalion saved them, he only did so to use them for his own devices. They have no reason to suspect that, if they defected from Deucalion, they wouldn’t have two packs after their blood, not just one. Even though we see Ethan at least showing the beginnings of remorse for what they have done, Ethan and Aiden both know that their options are to stick with Deucalion and survive even if it means doing bad things, or run away and try to survive with even more people wanting them dead.


We get at least some idea that they didn’t want to kill Boyd. There is no denying that there was reluctance in their part. However, Kali’s order to hold Derek’s claws so she could drop Boyd on them is still an order. They knew that saying no would mean turning their backs on their pack with no other pack to run to for protection. They are CHILDREN who have MOST LIKELY never known any kindness before Deucalion’s semblance of compassion, who have no reason to think they will find anything but threats from anywhere else, who fear for their lives and the lives of each other, and who have a reluctant loyalty tying them to Deucalion and his orders.

I don’t mean to get belligerent, but I really just fail to understand how anyone can say ‘they deserve to die’. I understand those who wish to see them show remorse and atone for their actions, I too want to see this. The way this show is written, we often don’t GET that sort of character development, so I generally just infer that it’s there. I can understand if a fan can’t accept that because most shows aren’t so lacking in the character moments, but ‘they should have killed them’?

I really don’t think so.

(Opinions are welcome, but please don’t argue with each other in the comments. Logical and calm explanations only, please!)

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