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Doctor Who: Countdown To “The Day Of The Doctor”


While I make no claims to be a Doctor Who expert, I AM a big fan. I’m sure all of us can agree that when it comes to Doctor Who, you are either a big fan or have no idea what’s going on in Doctor Who. Trying to understand Doctor Who from an outsider perspective is nearly impossible. As one of the most often heard lines shared by fans claims:


But for those of us who ARE Whovians (as the fans are called), one of the biggest television events of the year, if not the decade, or possibly even our lives (if you want to be dramatic) is coming up fast. The 50th Anniversary Special of Doctor Who, “The Day of the Doctor” is not only airing November 23, 2013, but it’s also going to be simulcast across the entire freaking world so that nobody has to avoid spoilers like the plague in the hours leading up until their region’s air-time. (For those of us in the US, that time is 2:50pm EST) You still don’t think it seems like THAT big of a deal? Try the fact that the entire week leading up to the 50th Anniversary Special, BBC America has a scheduled full week of nothing but the “Doctor Who Takeover Special”.

For many people, no matter how long you have been a fan, The Doctor is an important part of your life, not because it’s just a television show you enjoy greatly, but because the characters are some that you hold in your heart. Doctor Who is such an overwhelmingly well done undertaking that creates characters that viewers learn to know as if they were friends, not fiction. And sadly for everyone, there comes a time that no matter who they are, your favorite character must leave. The Doctor himself is no exception.

Every fan can tell you who their Doctor is. Not everyone has a favorite companion, but everyone has their favorite Doctor. The one person who is THE Doctor to them in a way no other shall be. Fans go into “The Day of the Doctor” with heavy hearts beneath their excitement because we all know that that time is fast approaching and Matt Smith’s run as The Eleventh Doctor has to end to make way for Peter Capaldi‘s Twelve. However, while the 50th Anniversary Special marks one last hurrah before a passing of the torch, so to speak, in the Christmas Special, it also marks a wonderful chance for one last hurrah with some of Whovians’ favorite characters they have long since bid farewell to.

In this trailer we see that, though Eleven is leaving us soon, seeing him interact with his previous regeneration (David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor) and his old companion Rose Tyler once again shows exactly how the Doctor has grown and changed as a character through his eleventh regeneration.

While Whovians eagerly count the days until “The Day of The Doctor”, BBC graciously gifted us with a seven minute prequel to tide us over until the 50th Anniversary will inevitably blow our minds:

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