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Gracepoint: The 10 week saga of UTTER DISAPPOINTMENT

(First off, I’d like to apologize for like a YEAR of no posts. I sort of… forgot. I’m very sorry. However, recently, someone liked one of my posts and I remembered ‘oh hey!’. Originally, I made this blog for a college class and after that class ended, things died down. For that I apologize sincerely. However! I have a need to revive and revitalize this blog and I’ll start with this and see where it goes.)

(The Gracepoint promo photo is at least better than Broadchurch’s, huh?)

If you’re like me, you watched the beautiful, riveting BBC drama Broadchurch illegally (woops, sorry FBI!) and thought it was AMAZING!

Because of how incredible the acting, characterization, cinematography, and writing was in Broadchurch, I was appalled to hear that there was going to be an American knockoff remake called Gracepoint airing on Fox. When I found out David Tennant and his terrible American accent were going to be on the show playing the SAME character but with a different name, I actually head desked (my forehead was never the same).

However, I did watch the show. And the first few episodes were almost the exact same. The same blocking, the same cinematography, the same lines, the same direction… everything was the SAME! …Only not as good. The middle portion of Gracepoint got good. I won’t lie to you guys. It got different in the middle and it was a very good show as long as you don’t compare the two. And I tried my hardest the WHOLE season to not compare it to Broadchurch. I’m good at the ‘apples and oranges’ approach to adaptations in general. The problem with that, however, is that to start out, Gracepoint wasn’t based on Broadchurch, it was like a carbon copy. After a while, it got better. It was easier to NOT see how Gracepoint didn’t get it quite as right as Broadchurch and focus on what Gracepoint DID get right.

The biggest plus for Gracepoint is that Mark and Chloe were much more likeable characters than the Mark and Chloe in Broadchurch. I just find that I enjoyed Michael Peña as Mark Solano and Madalyn Horcher as Chloe Solano better than Andrew Buchan and Charlotte Beaumont as Mark and Chloe Latimer. Other than that, all of the characters were less emotionally impacting on Gracepoint. I don’t know if it was the acting or the writing or the pacing or what, but Gracepoint, while good, didn’t CONNECT the way I wanted it to.

So on it’s own, it wasn’t a BAD show. It just wasn’t a NECESSARY show. There are plot holes that they opened and didn’t close (like what the hell was Vince doing with Danny without Mark and Beth knowing?! Why was Tom lost in the woods?!) because they were busy trying to make the EXACT SAME show as Broadchurch but with a different format (10 episodes of 42 minutes rather than 8 episodes of 50 minutes).

But the main reason I’m so freaking BUMMED is simple:

The only reason I decided to watch this show is because of what a Fox Executive said: “We have a different ending than they have, so there will be something to stay tuned for with a twist.”

… and after 10 weeks of what started the exact same, got better and different in the middle, and SEEMED like it was going to end differently?

THE ENDING WAS BASICALLY THE SAME! The only ‘twist’ was that he wasn’t the killer by ‘technicality’, and not even a good technicality, a boring one that was so not shocking at all.

Seriously, Fox. Great way to TANK what could have been a good ending. If they had chosen an ACTUAL different killer, it would’ve blown our minds probably.

But it wasn’t.

It was the same but more boring.

God Bless America, huh?

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